Many spreadsheets, lots of hanging around (working) backstage, a love of lists, a well-known boyband and lots of travel, pretty much make up my story.

And here's how it happened.

Chapter One

Joined local educational theatre company whilst doing A-Levels. Stage-managed Shakespeare, acted badly (no, I still can’t do a Cornish accent), learnt to make testicles out of balloons and glue (yes, really). Worked at the Edinburgh Fringe festival for 2 years. Partied on Thursday nights, worked Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Spent the summer holiday hand-sewing a patchwork rucksack for school.


Chapter Two 

Dropped out of my Stage Management course Drama school due to lack of £££.  Worked in the Box Office for Harvey Goldsmith (the promoter behind the Live Aid). My first proper job and it taught how to ‘be me’ at work. Freelance job as an event production assistant cutting out meal tickets for concerts in Hyde Park, helping the accountant on a Titanic exhibition, buying emergency booze for celebrity weddings. Rock n roll!


Chapter Three

In my early 20s, living in London and Hong Kong assisting production teams and running logistics for global financial roadshows. Planning itineraries and booking global travel for the teams. Post-work Fridays in Lang Kwai Fong and exploring at the weekends making memories.

Chapter Four

Worked in various roles project management roles in Arts and Events, booking 1000+ ferries for the Isle of Wight Festival, washing and ironing clothes for boybands, building out tour itineraries, planning corporate events. Happy backstage in my blacks. Yes, these are proper jobs and yes I got to watch some bands play. Turned my hand to Millinery to keep when off the road.


Chapter Five

4 years touring the world with One Direction. Yes – they did know my name and no, I don’t have a favourite. Great experiences and some amazing places. Travelled the world. Played bus games. Met some fab people. Got papped. Took my own hiatus from touring.


Chapter Six

Hit 40!! Time to settle down (tick). Sell my flat and buy a house (tick). Meet my partner (tick). Oh and find a job to pay the bills (tick). Back to events – less glamourous than touring but still good fun. And programming for a theatre. Love live events – my second home. Got to book theatre tickets and was able to actually attend. Started our annual travel experiences – in Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and Thailand.

Chapter Seven 

Covid + Furlough + Redundancy = Resilience. Sewed scrubs for the NHS. Started a VA business, but evolved to focus on operations and projects. Worked in Events and HR to have some pennies coming in. Travelled anytime we were allowed to. Studying what and when I could, to learn about the online business world.


Chapter Eight – and off I go

Ready to launch my 2 signature services in the second half of 2022 using everything I have learned and experienced over the last 20+ years. Helping others manage the backstage operations and data in their business. Planning another travel experience for September. 

The secret to my success is my portfolio career. I have had a lot of related jobs that have given me the experiences and skillset that I use today – scheduling people, project management, operations, planning, and task management. It has enabled me to work in roles I want and in industries I love. Learning these skills from all of my jobs has given me a diverse and unique experience. 

Having worked behind the scenes helping others, I know the importance of being prepared in knowing all the facts and having everything in place - then ready for any opportunity to present itself. (It's my Girl Guide background - Be Prepared!) 

So, are you ready to be empowered to take action?