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Need to tidy up and manage behind-the-scenes in your online business?
I'll show you how.

Home Desk

Does this sound like you?

You work evenings and weekends to keep on top of the workload.

You have lists of tasks that need doing but you don't know where to start.  

You're wearing all the hats.

You're ready to throw in the towel because you can't see a way forward.

I have been through some of those struggles too.


I was in a dream job, touring the world with bands. I loved it! But it was intense. Frenetic, high energy, exciting. Being pulled in many directions. My to-do list was relentless. I never asked for help, just worked all hours to get the job done.

I was heading for burnout.

It wasn’t until I set myself some boundaries, asked for help and created some practical solutions to help me streamline my work, that I figured out how to rebalance my life and work.

What you need a little behind the scenes help

Whether you need help with

  • Business Operation

  • CEO Day planning

  • KPIs and Metrics, or 

  • Employer Branding

find out below what getting the right support will look like for you.

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Oh, but before I forget, I'm Sally.

I help online business owners use the power of the numbers in their business and backstage operations, so they can take informed action to grow & scale.


Sally's approach was the perfect balance of structure and flexibility. As a team, we always felt on track with our work but were also given the space to change direction or switch things up as we needed.