Working Together on Project

Project Management

  • Coordinating contractors and vendors

  • Managing the project timeline; ensuring deliverables are on time 

  • Managing the budget

  • Communicating with the team

Benefit: This service allows my client to focus on their zone of genius which is being the visionary for their business.


Launch Management

  • Build a strategic plan to launch products and services 

  • Coordinate all moving pieces and team members

  • Brainstorm ideas with the business owner

  • Delegate tasks to the team 


Benefit: Launching new services or products such as a course can have so many moving parts to manage. I will help you manage the logistics involved to ensure no detail goes unnoticed.

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  • Creating processes, procedures & training documents

  • Creating standard operating procedures 

Benefit: Running an efficient and documented business saves a ton of time and money for my business owners.


Team Management

  • Make sure the right things get done by the right people, in the right way, at the right time.

  • Create job descriptions 

  • Interview potential candidates

  • Onboard and train new hires 

  • Manage team


Benefit: This service takes a big weight off the business owner’s shoulders and allows them to focus on generating revenue.

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