Empty Stage

I'm Sally

And I'm a professional To-Do List Crosser-Offer.

I have 2 decades' experience working in events management, tour logistics and operations.  Although my career path may not have been a 'traditional' one, my work experience has one thing in common,  

organising projects, processes and people. 

Sally Pink Jacket_edited.jpg

Having worked backstage with some of the biggest music artists in the world, I now use my organisational prowess, to manage the ‘backstage’ elements for online business owners who want to have a business that fits in with their life, rather than running it.

I have always worked to support others take centre stage. And I love it! I can do what I do best, being their behind-the-scenes superstar giving them advice and ensuring that when the lights go up, they are ready to step into the limelight.

So, are you ready to take centre stage in your business?